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Data analysis is a vital part of an effective TUPE program. Data may show areas of strength and uncover areas ​that require more focus and​​​​ guidance. Along with the CHKS and CSTS, TUPE programs should utilize additional ​​data to guide their implementation efforts. ​​​​​


CalSCHLS Website

The California S​chool Climate, Health, and Learning Surveys (CalSCHLS) are a suite of survey instruments administered by WestEd and supported by CDE. They include the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS), California School Staff Survey (CSSS), and California School Parent Survey (CSPS).​​

All TUPE-funded LEAs are required to administer the CHKS Secondary Core Module at least every other year to students in grades six, seven, nine, and eleven, depending on the schools included in their grant. The CHKS includes a number of tobacco-specific questions that assist LEAs, COEs, and CDE in evaluating the effectiveness of the TUPE program and monitoring chan​​ges in student tobacco use.

For support with administering the CHKS and other CalSCHLS instruments, contact your regional technical advisor via the CalSCHLS Contact Page​.



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The California Student Tobacco Survey (CSTS) and California Educator Tobacco Survey (CETS) are administered by the California Department of Public Health through the University of California, San Diego. This survey helps drive tobacco-use prevention efforts throughout the state and assists CDE in evaluating the effectiveness of the TUPE program.​​

The CSTS is administered every other year and targets students in grades eight, ten, and twelve. Its counterpart, the California Educator Tobacco Survey (CETS), is administered to school and district TUPE program staff. All TUPE-funded LEAs are required to participate in these surveys if selected, including schools not listed in the grant application.​

CSTS staff compile a random sampling list of TUPE and non-TUPE schools throughout the state, and contact TUPE Coordin​​ators at the beginning of the yea​​r to notify them which schools were selected. They continue to recruit schools from the list until the sample is sufficiently large.

For support with administering the CSTS, contact

CA Student Tobacco Survey

CA Educator Tobacco Survey