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​​​​​​​​​Partnerships with parents, guardians, and families are vital to create social and​ environmental sup​​​port for youth and reduce tobacco use in the community.

 Family-School Partnerships

​​​​​​​​​​​​ The Dual Capacity-Building Framework for Family-School Partnerships (Version 2)​ is designed to support the development of family engagement strategies, policies, and programs. This Framework can be used as a compass, laying out the goals and conditions necessary to chart a path toward effective family engagement efforts that are linked to student achievement, wellness and school improvement. 

Traditional family engagement initiatives often focus solely on providing information, training, and programs for parents without considering everyone's needs and perspectives. The Dual Capacity Building Framework was developed to address this imbalance by emphasizing that schools must build the capacity of staff and families so both groups understand each other's roles/expectations and develop skills to collaborate effectively. Creating this shared vision and skillset between families and schools is critical for establishing meaningful partnerships that support student success. By understanding the challenges, we can implement best practices that consider "essential conditions" that are then supported by policy and program goals. This structure leads to buil​t capacity outcomes that support student and school improvement.​

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​Process Conditions:

  • Relational: built on mutual trust - Building mutual trust is essential when considering how parent​ education opportunities are presented, such as workshops on Vape-Use Prevention and Effective Communication with Students​. By commending parents for attending these educational workshops and ensuring that families feel acknowledged and listened to, we can actively contribute to the growth of mutual trust between educators and parents. 
  • Linked to Learning and Development - Providing families with opportunities to develop parenting skills, alongside educating them about various vape devices and the symptoms of nicotine use, can help boost their confidence in actively contributing to their student's education within the home environment. 
  • Culturally responsive and​ respectful - Ensuring that the materials and information we share with families are provided in their language and are culturally reflective and respectful. 
  • Collaborative - Consider opportunities in your TUPE work plan for integrating families into projects being implemented with students. 

​Build and enhance the capacity of educators and families in the 4 C areas: 

  • ​​​Capabilities (skills + knowledge) 
  • Connections (networks) 
  • Cognition (shifts in beliefs and values) 
  • Confidence (self-efficacy) ​

By deliberately enhancing capacity and actively involving families in your TUPE efforts whenever possible, you empower families to take on these responsibilities in their own realms. This not only encompasses families educating students but also opens up avenues for them to participate in peer-to-peer education, fostering stronger and healthier communities. ​​​


Know the Risks; E-Cigarettes and Young People
Know the Risks: Talk With Your Teen About E-cigarettes

The US Surgeon General has a downloadable guide for parents and families about the components of e-cigarettes, the prevalence of use among youth, and ​the harmful effects of vaping.

CATCH My Breath; E-Cigarette and JUUL Prevention
CATCH My Breath: Parent Resources

CATCH My Breath has a collection of parent resources, including a presentation and educational materials specifically designed for parents and families to stay informed. These resources are also available en Español​​.

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American Lung Association
How To Talk To Your Kids About Vaping

The American Lung Association (ALA) developed an article called: "How to Talk to Your Kids About Vaping." It shares information about how households can begin ​conversations with youth about smoking and vaping, and ways to establish a smoke-free home.