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​​Welcome Back to School!  We hope that you had an opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries during the summer break! We know that the past year continued to pose difficult challenges as schools resumed in-person instruction while still very much dealing with the ongoing COVID pandemic. Our commitment to preventing and reducing youth tobacco, vape, and marijuana use continues as strong as ever. We are happy to again provide resources that we hope will enable you to spread the word to your colleagues, families, and community partners about the importance of preventing students' tobacco and vape use. We wish you a successful and productive year!​

- The Tobacco-Use Prevention Education Office

Webinar Recording: The Triangulum: Protecting Youth with TUPE Funds (TEROC Guidance)​
​Webinar Recording: The Triangulum: Protecting Youth with TUPE Funds (Education and Youth Development)
Download PDF: The Triangulum: Tobacco-Vaping-Marijuana - Protecting Youth with TUPE Funds
Download PDF: School E-Cigarette Toolkit: Addressing Student Use of E-Cigarettes
Download PDF: Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping Devices: Nicotine Addiction Repackaged​
Download PDF: Alternatives to Suspension for Tobacco/E-Cigarette/Vaping at School

​News and Announcements​

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Create a tobacco and vape-free generation in California.

To prevent and reduce tobacco and vape use among California school-aged youth.​​​​​