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Back to School Message from the TUPE Office 

Welcome Back to School!  We ho​pe that you had a relaxing and reenergizing summer break! We are aware that schools continue to face significant challenges, some related to the aftereffects of the COVID pandemic, other related to urgent issues including the fentanyl crisis. Our efforts to continue addressing youth tobacco, vape, and marijuana use must continue i​n the face of unacceptably high rates of tobacco use among our students.​

We are happy to continue to provide resources that you can use to educate the school community about the importance of preventing students' tobacco and vape use and helping them quit if they are already using. The TUPE Office continues to encourage schools to avoid harsh disciplinary measures when dealing with students who are caught using tobacco products. We encourage administrators to take advantage of the free Youth Vaping Alternative Program Education (YVAPE) program which will help you address tobacco-use violations in a manner that helps students dealing with addiction without harming academic achievement. Here's to a great year!

- California Department of Education (CDE) TUPE Office



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Create a tobacco and vape-free generation in California.

To prevent and reduce tobacco and vape use among California school-aged youth.​​​​​