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​​The California Department of Education provides Tobacco-Use Prevention Education (TUPE) funding for Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) to implement comprehensive programs that utilize evidence-informed tobacco-use prevention, youth development, intervention, reinforcem​​ent activities for tobacco-free school environments, and cessation programs.​​​​

Applying for TUPE Fundin​g​

If you are thinking about applying for a TUPE grant, the following resources offer insight and guidance on the scope of TUPE-funded programs.​
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Application Guidance PowerPoints,  FAQs, webinar recordings, etc.​​

Connect with your County TUPE Coordinator to learn more about applying for TUPE funding. ​​​


TUPE-Funded Progr​ams​​​

​​​​​Tobacco-Use Prevention Edu​c​ation Tier 1 Initiation Grant​​​​​​

​​Grantees use funds for the enforcement of Tobacco-Free School Policies, ad​ministration of the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS), and support for other activities that prevent the use of all tobacco products by youth.​​​

Tobacc​​​​​​​​o-Use Prevention Edu​​cation Tier 2​​​​​​​ Comprehensive Grant​​​​​​

​​Grantees develop anti-tobacco education programs and tobacco use​ intervention and cessation activities in order to reduce the number of students in California who begin to use and continue to use ​tobacco.​​

County ​Technical Assistance Grant​​

​​​​Funds provided to county offices of education for leadership, administrative oversight, training, and technical assistance to all local educational agencies in the county.​

​​American Indian Education Center-Tobacco Use Prevention Education Funding

Funds enable American Indian Education Centers (AIEC) to implement supplemental prevention education, intervention, and cessation programs, and youth development programs directed at the reduction of commercial tobacco use among youth.​​

Tobacco Education and Research Oversight Committ​ee (TEROC)

The Tobacco Education and Research Oversight Committee (TEROC) is a 13-member legislatively mandated advisory committee charged with overseeing the use of Proposition 99 and Proposition 56 tobacco tax revenues for tobacco control and prevention education, and for tobacco-related research.

TEROC provides advice to the California Department of Public Health, the University of California, and the California Department of Education regarding the administration of the Proposition 99 and Proposition 56-funded programs.

The Committee publishes and periodically updates a state master plan for tobacco control and tobacco-related research, and makes recommendations to the State Legislature for improving Proposition 99 and Proposition 56-funded tobacco control and tobacco-related research efforts in

TEROC Master Plan​​​​​​​​

TUPE Funding Sources

Proposition 99 - Tobacco Tax and Health Protection Act of 1988

This November 1988 ballot initiative added a 25-cent tax per pack of cigarettes and was updated in 1989 to include tax on other tobacco products.

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Proposition 56 - The California Healthcare, Research and Prevention Tobacco Tax Act

This July 2017 ballot initiative further increased the tax per pack of cigarettes by $2.00, with an equivalent tax on all tobacco products.

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